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Gurman: iPhone 14 Pro notch replacement is ‘pill-shaped’

iPhone 14 Pro

New sources confirm that the iPhone 14 Pro’s dual cutouts will look like one big pill when the display is on. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman supports the rumour.

Separately, 9to5Mac has learnt from its sources that Apple could use the gap between the two cuts to display the green and orange privacy indicators for the camera and microphone, respectively. Apple will now show both dots when apps use the camera and microphone, instead of only the green dot.

iPhone 14 Pro will have a pill-shaped cutout used creatively. Tap on these indications to get a list of apps using the mic and camera.

Apple is also rumoured to be redesigning the Camera app to give customers a bigger view of the camera preview. The notch appears to be improving the client experience.

The Story Behind

iPhone 14 rumours are escalating. Reportedly, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will include a 48MP camera and a wider ultra-wide-angle lens. TrendForce said today that the iPhone 14 won’t experience a major price hike and the base model may be cheaper than the iPhone 13. The Pro model’s pill and hole cuts have sparked a new rumour.

The iPhone 14’s notch replacement has been rumoured for a year. Initially, reports indicated the iPhone 14 Pro will have a single hole-punch cutout like Android phones. Apple was said to replace the notch with two cutouts: one pill-shaped and one hole-shaped.

Apple may use software to make the iPhone 14 Pro’s two cutouts look like one longer pill-shaped cutout. Gurman has backed a leak from this morning.

Gurman said this report is “real” and that the iPhone 14 Pro display will have “one wide pill-shaped cutout”

This shift throws a twist in our expectations for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple’s supply chain leaked the iPhone 14 Pro’s notch replacement. Moreover, leaks from Apple’s display partners’ supply chain provided the information. The “one big pill-shaped cutout” was likely overlooked.

Apple likely uses software to mask the gap between the hole- and pill-shaped cuts. Furthermore software hides this detail from supply chain sources. They know the display has two cuts.

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