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Google’s “Nest WiFi Pro 6E” price leaked before launch

Nest WiFi Pro

A leak has revealed a “Made by Google” product weeks before the event. The Google Nest Wifi Pro 6E router was featured on B&H over the weekend, 9to5 Mac reports. A screen shot showed a $200 router. A two-pack will cost $300 and a three-pack $400.

A product page leaked Google’s forthcoming Nest Wi-Fi gadget. The page suggested the new Nest will utilize Wi-Fi 6E.

Over a month ago, an FCC listing revealed a new Google device with model number “G6ZUC.” 9To5Google says the model number matches an upcoming Nest Wifi successor. B&H leaked the successor’s name as “Google Wifi Pro 6E Router.”

9To5Google discovered that B&H released a router product page before its release. The product page confirmed Wi-Fi 6E and $199. A two- and three-pack costs $299 and $399.

The page also displayed the router’s colour options. Snow, Linen, Fog, and Lemongrass are these colours. Google may be utilizing the same “Pro” naming system for its Pixel phones and earphones. The Nest Wifi Pro may not replace the existing Nest Wifi.

B&H said the Nest Wifi Pro is arriving soon. Soon might mean October 6, Google’s Pixel launch date.

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