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Google unveils Android 13 new privacy and security hub

Google Security Policy

Google revealed that Android 13 would get a new privacy and security hub during today’s Pixel hardware splash. Google launched the Pixel 7 to showcase a tonne of new hardware, but the event also included software with a main focus on security. The privacy and security sections of Google’s security panel combined. Although the modification has known about since April, according to the most recent statement, devices will soon begin to receive it.

The update unifies features including Google Play system updates, App Security, Find My Device, Security Updates, Device lock, and more. The page acts as a hub for security settings so you can change everything in one place.

Google combines privacy and security settings to make them easier to handle.

The new action cards in this hub will alert you to any safety dangers you may be expose to. By providing simple measures to further strengthen your security, it will also assist you in protecting yourself.

Later this year, the new privacy and security hub will first launch on Pixel devices running Android 13, but Google promises that the hub will eventually roll out to other Android devices as well.

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