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Google revealed the Pixel 7 Pro ‘s front panel

Pixel 7 Pro

The first official look at the front of the Pixel 7 Pro was given by a new picture posted on the Pixel Superfans Facebook page.

Google’s forthcoming products are no longer a secret. After years of leaks destroying on-stage surprises, Google confirmed the Pixel 6 months before debut. All of Google’s official renders show the Pixel 7’s back, despite the early revelation. If the leaked units on Facebook Marketplace didn’t satiate your curiosity, a fresh official render could.

This new image comes right from the source, but you probably missed it. As reported by 9to5Google, Google shared this render to the Pixel Superfans Facebook page. You must prove your Pixel status to apply. It offers physical rewards and early product previews.

This render teases a “Insider Event” for Superfans and features the Pixel 7, Pixel Watch, and Pixel Buds Pro. Next to these gadgets comes our first Google-sanctioned glimpse of a top Android phone. This is the first official render of the phone’s front. We’ve seen it in early Marketplace listings.

“Pixel Superfans Community” is a Facebook page for Pixel fans. Only members can view what’s put on this group’s page. Like any other Facebook group, this page has a header image.

Pixel Superfans Community’s Facebook page updated its header. Two Pixel Watches, Pixel Buds, and Pixel 7 Pros are in the latest photo. One Pixel 7 Pro shows the back, whereas the other shows the front.

First authentic Google Pixel 7 Pro display. The image suggests the screen is less curved than before. 9To5Google says this matches early hands-ons.

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