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Google renames ‘Archive’ to ‘Hidden’

Google archive

In a small change, Google Photos is renaming the “Archive” feature to make it more obvious.

After updating Google Photos for iOS to version 6.1, we saw a “Archive is now Hidden” prompt. Photos hidden in albums and searches still appear. Library view shows the Hidden folder.

In the photo overflow menu, “Move to Archive” has been replaced by “Hide.” The Library tab folder becomes “Hidden” with a “slash through eye” icon. Its functionality hasn’t changed. Most end users are more familiar with “hiding” than “archiving,” even though the latter is a common tech (email) convention.

iPhone users are being prompted to update Google Photos to version 6.1, reports 9to5Google. This prompt reads “Archive is now Hidden,” confirming that Google renamed the iOS app’s Archive section. Hidden photos will be available in “albums and search results,” according to Alphabet. Hidden folders are also in iPhone’s Library view.

Photos now hides Archive

iPhone users who open a photo in the updated Google app and slide up to the overflow menu will find a new “Hide” button. The Library tab’s Archive folder has been renamed Hidden and given a “Slash through the eye” icon. The report says these sections’ functionality hasn’t changed.

The report also says the tech giant updated the Info Panel in the Android Photos app. Moreover the Google Photos app for Android users notes a photo’s on-device folder and size, a report said. The tech giant has also added the Backup section to the Photos app for Android users.

Google Updated Google Meet, its unified video calling platform. Google plans to merge its two video calling services, Duo and Meet, into a single platform. The tech giant announced in a blog post last month that the new update would offer Meet users scheduling and joining meetings, virtual backgrounds, in-meeting chat, and more.

Moreover, Google also announced that Google Meet will get live sharing, allowing participants to have fun and interact during breaks.

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