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Google releases over a Dozen new Pixel 7 wallpapers

Pixel 7 Wallpapers

At today’s Made By Google event, we anticipate to see the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, along with the Pixel Watch. If you possess a Pixel phone, Google has 15 new wallpapers for Pixel 7. You can obtain these new wallpapers on the Pixel 7 or a Pixel 3 or later device.

There are three for Hispanic Heritage Month and 12 natural world backgrounds developed for Dynamic Color. First are three for Hispanic Heritage Month, designed by COVL. Each is different, but they all have brilliant colours that look amazing on phones. Any Pixel 3 or newer will discover them under the Settings app’s Wallpaper & style section.

Google has included 12 more Dynamic color-friendly backgrounds in addition to the above-mentioned special wallpapers (h/t 9to5Google). These photographs primarily depict the outside world. By long-pressing on your Pixel home screen, you can access these wallpapers. Change your wallpaper under Wallpaper & Style > Community Lens.

Additionally, we recently released a fantastic collection of wallpapers for Pixel phones that were captured on Pixel phones. Follow this Google Drive link to browse through and download these wallpapers in their complete resolution. If you use any of these, please let us know how they look on your home screen by mentioning us on Twitter with the handle @AndroidAuth.

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