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Google released the Pixel Tablet ahead of leakers

Pixel tablet

Google’s Pixel launch went as predicted this morning. The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro were unveiled. Along with these phones, Google also unveiled the Pixel Watch. The Pixel Tablet was a pleasant surprise.

Google announced the Pixel Tablet at I/O in May. Although it showed off the device’s appearance, it didn’t divulge much else beyond a vague 2023 debut date. Today’s event revealed more about Google’s Pixel tablet.

Pixel tablet Specs

The Pixel Tablet reportedly uses the Pixel 6’s first-generation Tensor chip. Google’s forthcoming tablet will operate on the Tensor G2 chipset, the company announced. Material You, a Pixel phone feature, will be used.

The business works with developers to ensure Pixel Tablet apps support large-screen capabilities like split-screen and stylus.

Google also produced a Pixel Tablet-compatible speaker dock. The Pixel Tablet docks like Google’s Nest Hub or Amazon’s Echo Show 10.

Storage and design

The latest leak reveals that the tablet will have a 10.95-inch screen and 256GB of storage.

Google’s Pixel Tablet has quality materials and finishes. Due to the thick bezels, the design seems antiquated. Tablet has a camera, power button, and volume rocker.

Price and availability

Google provided further Pixel Tablet specifications, but didn’t give a pricing or release date. The only known release date is 2023. Google’s approach to developing phones suggests it may strive to undercut competitors on price.

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