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Home ยป Google’ Pixel 7 Pro unboxing video has leaked.

Google’ Pixel 7 Pro unboxing video has leaked.

Pixel 7 Pro

As the Pixel 7 Pro launch nears, a new video reveals a brief unboxing.

Gadgetfull BD, a Bangladeshi store, released a video to Facebook today showing what seems to be the Pixel 7 Pro in black, unwrapping the device to display the hardware and hinting at what might be in the box.

This unboxing doesn’t reveal much new about the Pixel 7 Pro.

This is the same black phone we’ve seen in previous leaks, but with Google’s official logo. At a glance, this seems to validate the hypothesis that Google has reduced the curved edges of the Pixel 6 Pro’s display. This video’s light reflection isn’t as distorted as on the Pixel 6 Pro. A prior leak of the Pixel 7 Pro and 6 Pro made it look like the newer gadget might have a less dramatic curve, but it was hard to tell.

The 7 Pro has an extra port in the rear camera bar that looks like a lowercase I or exclamation point when flipped horizontally. Google’s “G” glyph on the back indicates it may be a production-stage or near-production-stage device, unlike the Pixel 7 devices seen in an Unbox Therapy video last week.

The box has comparable packaging as Pixel 6 devices. “Welcome to your Pixel” appears when the device boots.

The video and post it’s related to are otherwise sparse. Commenters asked for details, but none were given.

More we study about Pixels, the less we know. I like it because I spend weekends eating junk food.

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