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Google Pixel 6a gets September 2022 security update

Google security update

Google September 2022 security update appeared on Pixel phones days ago. The Google Pixel 6a wasn’t eligible. Now, a week later, the update for Google’s newest mid-ranger is going out.

Pixel 6a owners can receive the update by checking their phones. The latest release adds September 2022 security fixes and boosts the software build number to TP1A.220905.004.A2.

The September Google security update solves the launcher’s anomalous battery consumption. It fixes the bug that causes lock-screen notifications to be shortened. Our post regarding the update’s initial rollout details these improvements.

Google claims to improve the Pixel 6a’s fingerprint sensor with this patch. The business has struggled in this area over the previous year, first with the Pixel 6 series last fall and again with the Pixel 6a. The fingerprint scanner unlocks the tablet faster than on Google’s 2021 devices, but it’s still behind competitors, notably in security. It’s presumably related to unregistered fingerprints unlocking the gadget, though the manufacturer hasn’t said.

Pixel devices with first-gen Tensor CPUs often receive delayed updates. In their first six months, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro received many delayed updates. The Pixel 6a hasn’t had as many issues, but Google still has work to do before the Pixel 7 launch next month.

Google’s downloads website has Pixel 6a system images and OTA files. This software should reach phones soon if you’re patient. Verizon Pixel 6 and 6 Pro owners may finally download the September patch.

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