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Home » Google Photos users report ‘corrupted’ old photos [Updated]

Google Photos users report ‘corrupted’ old photos [Updated]

Google Photos Corrupted

Update: 12:53 AM ET, September 27, 2022: Google is aware of damaged and corrupted photographs on Google Photos, a representative said. Google said:

” We’re aware of the issue and are rolling out a fix. The original photos are not impacted.”

Original report: People noticed over the weekend that their 5-year-old images showed lines and cracks, as well as hazy or distorted portions. Common white dots. Some photographs are more damaged than others, with no clear pattern.

Google Photos for Android, iOS, and the web have reported water damage-like issues.

Downloading the image causes corruption, say those impacted. This applies to individual downloads and Google Takeout. Google Photos apps only show altered versions of photos, not the originals.

Google Photos error

Dozens of reports and examples show this problem almost exactly the same way. Some people seem to have been able to deal with the problem in the last day, but others are still having trouble. Because of this, it’s likely that Google has a way to fix this problem.

According to users, downloaded photographs remain damaged. Original photos are unaffected. Since Google Photos only shows modified images, it’s annoying for individuals trying to view or download old photos.

Google hasn’t admitted the problem. If the corporation responds, we’ll update. Check Google Photos for compromised photographs. How is the problem affecting your photos?

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