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Home » Google Photos App gets a collage editor and loads of other new features

Google Photos App gets a collage editor and loads of other new features

Google Photos

Google Photos app is getting a new editing feature.

Google is updating Memories in Photos today, according to a Google Keywords post. With additional videos to watch, Memories becomes more lively. Google says Photos App will automatically highlight the greatest parts of lengthy recordings.

Google adds Cinematic Photos to Memories. This feature offers your photos a 3D, moving effect, and the new update adds Cinematic Memories, which combines many still shots for a “end-to-end cinematic experience.”

Google Memories will feature instrumental music next month for a movie-like walk down memory lane.

This update adds “Styles” to Memories. The function will add scrapbook-style graphic art to your memories automatically. Styles will premiere with many designs and limited-time designs for Photos.

Before this update, Google Photos didn’t let us share exceptional memories. Photos will soon let you share full-length Memories, starting on Android, then iOS and the web. Shared memories are viewable in Google Photos.

Google Photos for Android and iOS is getting a collage editor. Google Photographs’ collage editor lets you drag-and-drop photos, themes, and layouts. The collage editor lets you edit photographs. If you’re a Google One member or Pixel owner, you’ll get extra editing capabilities like Portrait Light and HDR.

Last month’s Google Photos update added a camouflage capability to Magic Eraser. We’re excited to see Google Photos’ future updates.

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