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Google Phone app testing ‘bottom bar’ in-call UI for Pixel phones

Google Phone App

Google’s Pixel phone app looks to be testing a revamped in-call UI with a “bottom bar” interface.

The Google Phone app released a new dialer with Material You inspiration earlier this year, but it’s been quiet since. Now, the in-call UI is being updated.

Google Phone’s new in-call UI adopts a “bottom bar” UI, as some readers have noticed. Google apps often employ a bottom bar, although Google Phone’s prior grid of icons was significantly higher.

By default, the new UI shows the keypad (dialer), mute, speaker, and “more” above the call-end button. Tapping “more” exposes hold, record, and add call buttons, as before.

With version 90.0.475844574 of the Phone app in public beta, Google’s in-call screen has one row of four buttons, including an overflow that exposes more in-call options when tapped. The new style brings the buttons closer together than the old UI and against a card-like backdrop.

Taller phones have buttons closer to the bottom, making them easier to grasp with either thumb. When in use, the app’s upper row of call options is right-aligned for one-handed use (well, for most of the population, anyway). Google should offer a left-handed alignment toggle.

The beta UI is a server-side A/B test. We’ll let you know when it’s available to the public.

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