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Google is already altering Android Auto before its overhaul

Android Auto

Google’s timeframe for redesigning Android Auto has slid in recent months.

Android Auto has been creating a new appearance under the codename “Coolwalk” The design has changed during the past year. The new UI showcased split-screen and Cast support early this year.

Google unveiled the revamp in May 2022. Google pitched the new design at I/O 2022 as a method to expand split-screen capability and accommodate new screen sizes.

Android Auto was originally optimized for a 16:9 landscape display. As new cars have wider displays or ones that spread down the dashboard, Android Auto has fallen behind.

Mishaal Rahman of activated this look in Android Auto’s newest beta, revealing Google’s alterations. This picture suggests a positive move. The I/O images didn’t reveal programme shortcuts, while the dual pane leak showed only the dialer. You may rapidly switch between recent apps by tapping any of the alternatives.

Android Auto’s dock will have four places for communication, media, and navigation shortcuts, according to 9to5Google. It may show Spotify or Pocket Casts if you recently used them. The Assistant icon remains for drivers without steering-wheel buttons.

Anyone who’s been in an iOS-car user’s will see the similarities. CarPlay’s left-side menu provides easy access to navigation, media, and communications. Apple’s shortcuts switch to your most recent service, like Auto’s planned improvements. While Google’s approach may appear on the bottom of the screen depending on the shape and size of your car’s display, Rahman’s left-side dock makes the inspiration evident.

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