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Google foldable phone patent shows bezel camera

Google foldable phone

The Google folding phone will have a camera in the bezel.

Many rumours surrounded Google foldable phone. A recently disclosed patent verifies rumours about the future device’s camera positioning. Want details? Begin.

The forthcoming phone’s camera will be interesting. The Google Foldable phone will have a camera on the bezel, according to a patent. The camera’s patent says:

“A camera with an aperture in a flexible continuous display bezel.”

Drawings filed at WIPO in 2021 show a phone that resembles Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold. Google’s foldable may have a tablet-like design with a similar hinge, according to 91Mobiles‘ pictures.

Display is prominent in these patent drawings. Compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, the phone may have substantial bezels. Google may put a selfie camera in the top bezel.

This patent seems to confirm a previous leak that said the phone would have a selfie camera on the frame. The source said the Pixel foldable’s rear matches the Pixel 7. No patent images show the device’s rear.

The bezel must be thick and contain a hollow to prevent corrosion while the phone is folded for the camera to perform properly while inside the frame. Patent confirms thick bezels. It’s unclear if there will be a camera cavity on the frame. Putting a punch-hole or under-display camera inside the frame may work. So yet, no word on the cavity.

The patent shows a Galaxy Z Fold-like phone. The photos resemble the Galaxy Z Fold. Google’s foldable could have a tablet-like hinge. Patent doesn’t show phone’s rear. According to reports, the back camera will be comparable to the Pixel 7 Pro. It shows a visor-like rear with many cameras.


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