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Google Fi’s first supported smartwatch could be The Google Pixel Watch

Google Fi

Google Fi could start working with smartwatches like the Google Pixel Watch.

Google unveiled the Pixel Watch at I/O this year. During the occasion, the business didn’t divulge all smartwatch details. The Pixel Watch will launch alongside the Pixel 7 series this autumn with a round display, minimum bezels, customizable straps, a one-day battery life, and LTE compatibility.

The strings suggest the carrier will support and insure the Pixel Watch. Like with smartphones, wristwatch buyers will have a few days to seek insurance. Google Fi doesn’t support smartwatches. The carrier supports Android, iPhone, Chromebooks, and Android tablets. The carrier may soon enable LTE smartwatches.

Google Fi APK doesn’t name any additional LTE smartwatches, but Pixel Watch support suggests it may add others in the future. 9to5 Google found references to Rohan in Google Fi version 69. The Pixel Watch’s codename. The outlet suggests that you’ll therefore be able to either buy the smartwatch via Google Fi or add a previously acquired watch to your Google Fi plan.

The publication also revealed you can get Pixel Watch insurance, like other Google Fi devices. This means you can buy the watch through Fi.

It’s unclear whether the upcoming watch would only support a data-only SIM or if it’ll support a full-fledged SIM and plan. The latter gives you a phone number for your watch.

It would be the first time Google supports a smartwatch on Fi, though it seems long overdue given that smartwatches offer LTE connectivity. Hope the carrier supports Wear OS 3 devices.

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