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Google doesn’t want you to see what’s shown in the Pixel Watch design video

Google pixel Watch

Google released a teaser film titled “The Design of Google Pixel Watch” ahead of the smartwatch’s unveiling on October 6. Under a minute, the video highlights the smartwatch’s clean design, curved glass, and peppy band colours.

It hides the bezels. Since the first Pixel Watch leaks, all on-screen UI elements have been shown against a black backdrop. It looks good, but it hides the bezels’ true thickness. One could call it clever.

One still from Google’s film caught Joe Maring’s eye. It has a Tron-inspired sea green analogue watch face with an excessive border. Black bezels prevent pixels from lighting up. If the Pixel Watch has broad bezels, it will resemble early smartwatches.

In Google’s video, the watch faces don’t reach the display’s edge. This fueled rumours regarding the Pixel Watch’s hefty bezels and restricted display space. Google’s teaser video in Taiwan seems oddly different.

Reddit user noticed Pixel Watch campaign on Google Taiwan’s YouTube account, via Droid Life. Yesterday’s video shows narrower bezels than before. Droid Life developed a GIF comparing the Pixel Watch bezel sizes in the two videos.

Google modified the new ad to make Pixel Watch bezels look thinner. If the business simply repaired an error from the previous video, it’s fantastic news for Pixel Watch buyers. Google may be misrepresenting the smartwatch’s bezel size before it’s released. The new teaser trailer doesn’t explain this change. The Pixel Watch launches on October 6.

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