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Home » Google confirms September quarterly Android 13 beta platform tests.

Google confirms September quarterly Android 13 beta platform tests.

Android 13 Beta

Android 13 just went stable, which will end the beta programme for a few months before next year’s developer preview. Today’s news means two things now that Google is beta testing its quarterly platform releases: Google will begin testing Android 13’s QPR1 in September for future feature drops. 2) You have a limited time to opt out of the Android beta programme without wiping your phone.

Google’s Android beta programme has changed to accommodate the new Quarterly Platform Release (QPR) test. The short version is that Google is now running two external platforms under the same Android beta programme. Programming test. Sometimes combined, sometimes not. After Android 12 QPR3 was stabilised in June’s Feature Drop update, Google ended the QPR-specific beta programme. (QPRs aren’t Feature Drops updates, but they include them.)

Android 13 Update

You can continue to test new releases in the Android 13’s Beta Program. The next beta release will begin a QPR test period in September.

QPR: We started testing Android 12 this year. The June Android update was a QPR3 and included many bug fixes. It was a Pixel Feature Drop update once released to everyone. We’ll use a QPR build for Android 13 betas. A QPR is a larger-than-usual platform update that offers new features and fixes bugs.

If you stay in Beta, you’ll get Android 13 in September.


Once you get Android 13 stable, visit the Android Beta site (here) and click “Opt out” under your device. So easy!

If you want to opt-out, do so soon after receiving the Android 13 update. If you opt-out before the first Android 13 QPR1 update, you won’t need to factory reset. If you wait until the first QPR1 update and then quit, you must wipe your phone.

Finally! If you want, you can keep testing Android 13 beta builds after you get the official update.

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