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Home » Google clarifies some users need Android 12 update amid Android 13 rollout

Google clarifies some users need Android 12 update amid Android 13 rollout

Android 12 update

Google released Android 13 for Pixel this week. Some Pixel users got Android 12 instead of the update.

Several Pixel owners noticed the issue on Reddit (via Android Authority). One person shared a screenshot of the System Update page to express concern. It shows Android 12 instead of Android 13, even though the smartphone is already running Android 12.

Reddit users have reported the same issue. A Pixel 6 user shared a screenshot of Android 12 instead of 13 in response to Google’s Android 13 announcement.

Pixel owners can sideload Android 13 or use the OTA tool. With the latter, Google Pixel owners may get Android 12 instead.

It takes a few minutes to uncover reports of the problem on Twitter, and there are developing posts on the r/GooglePixel subreddit. Pixel owners who check for updates are advised they can install Android 12.

Android 12 is already installed.

The erroneous update shows the changelog for Android 12 and weights over 2GB for some, but others think it’s a cosmetic issue and actually Android 13 behind the scenes. Not so, it seems. At least one user tried the Android’s update.

This bug seems to predominantly affect Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro customers, but it also affects some Pixel 5a devices, so it’s not isolated. This may be tied to Google’s August Android 12 update, but since it affects older Pixels, we’re not sure.

After some customers received an erroneous Android 12 upgrade when anticipating Android 13, a Google spokesman clarified the situation.

“Pixel devices running an old Android 12 version received a bug-fix update on August 15. Android 13’s notification text was misleading, thus it’s being clarified.”

“This upgrade is separate from Android 13, which began rolling out to Pixel devices yesterday and will continue over the next few weeks. Once the OTA is available, users will be notified. We recommend consumers to verify their Android version and update when available for their carrier.”

It appears Google made a mistake, resulting in the erroneous text for the Android 12 update. According to Google, this update is likely related to the recent patch provided to select Pixel devices, with some users reporting a build number change. But 2GB is doubtful.

Android 13 should keep rolling out to additional devices.

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