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Fitbit app reveals Pixel Watch battery life that might be disappointing

Pixel Watch Battery

We should have a good idea by now of what the Google Pixel Watch will look like following its teaser during this year’s Google I/O event, but a few details remain shrouded in mystery, such as the battery life. Evidence suggests the smartwatch won’t be durable.

An APK teardown conducted by 9to5Google(opens in new tab) on the latest Fitbit app version (3.65) reveals that Fitbit is preparing to include support for Wear OS. The Pixel Watch will integrate sleep tracking, so it makes sense.

A few strings in the breakdown suggested the smartwatch’s battery life isn’t great. When activated, a reminder tells Pixel Watch owners to charge their device before bedtime if the battery is low. The reminder states that “a full night’s sleep” requires a 30% charge.

9to5Google estimated Pixel Watch’s battery life using an APK dump of Fitbit v3.65. App manages wearable. According to a report, the app’s APK deconstruction shows fresh in-app messaging for nighttime Pixel Watch charging reminders. When enabled, Fitbit will remind customers to charge their smartwatch.

Fitbit app suggests charging device at least 30% before bed for sleep tracking. Assuming 8 hours of sleep, the smartwatch might have a 24-hour battery life, according to the research. These allegations are consistent with previous claims that the Google Pixel Watch has a 300mAh battery that lasts a day.

Google debuted the Pixel Watch during I/O 2022. It boasts a circular display with minimum bezels and curved glass. Moreover, the smartwatch is steel. Google Assistant, Maps, and Wallet are supported. Using Home for Wear OS, it can control smart home gadgets.

Google’s Pixel Watch offers interchangeable bracelets. It tracks heart rate and sleep. Pixel Watch will work with the Find My Device app to assist users find their phone, earbuds, or other supported devices.

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