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DJI ‘s new smartphone gimbal will make it easier than ever to start filming

DJI SmartPhone Gimble

DJI launched the Osmo Mobile 6 smartphone gimbal. Like its predecessors, it stabilises phone movies and photographs, but it has a new wheel control to make zooming and focusing easier and a battery status monitor.

“Quick Launch” is DJI’s most fascinating new feature. Only when using the gimbal with iPhones, the attachment can produce a push notification to immediately launch the DJI camera app. The Osmo Mobile 4’s magnetic mount should make shooting faster.

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 has only three new functions. First, iPhone-only Quick Launch. Snapping your iPhone into the clamp launches DJI Mimo. DJI doesn’t say, but we think this involves MagSafe connectors. Android won’t function. A built-in status panel shows battery levels and gimbal mode with a glance. The Side Wheel controls focus and zoom.


The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 also has a new status panel and Mode button. These let you check battery life and choose between Mimo’s four shooting modes:

Follow: In Follow mode, the camera view follows the gimbal’s pan, tilt, and roll movements. This mode allows up-down-and-diagonal shooting.

Tilt Lock: The camera view solely follows the gimbal’s pan movement and stays stable throughout tilts and rolls.

FPV: In FPV mode, the gimbal’s three axes follow the handle. This is great for filming landmarks, buildings, or statues.

SpinShot: Rotate the camera with the joystick to generate dynamic footage. Push, pull, and high-angle shots are easy.

DJI’s new Slide Wheel enables for creative composition and zooming in and out. You may create a cinematic look by switching to manual focus.

Osmo Mobile has built-in intelligence features like previous generations:

Timelapse: Timelapse, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse warp time and space. Beautiful moments can be combined with these three templates.

DynamicZoom: Use Move In and Move Out to create blockbuster footage on your phone.

Gesture Control: Gesture Control makes taking photos and starting videos easy. Selfies and group photos are easy with simple motions.

Panorama: 33, 240°, and CloneMe panorama options assist photograph stunning landscapes or unusual compositions.

Story Mode: Various templates mix camera motions, transitions, soundtracks, and more so users can share eye-catching films with one swipe.


Will these new features justify the price? The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 costs $159, making it one of the most costly smartphone gimbals. Buyers’ reaction will be determined by time.

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