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Apple Watch Series 8 will have a temperature sensor (as long as it passes internal tests)

Watch series 8

Bloomberg says Apple Watch Series 8 body temperature sensor is inaccurate. It can detect a spike in body temperature, prompting you to see a doctor or use a thermometer.

Apple is anticipated to include a body temperature sensor with the Watch Series 8.

The sensor can measure body temperature and fertility. According to The Wall Street Journal, body temperature variations can foretell pregnancy or menstruation.

Body Temperature Feature Operation

MacRumors says the body temperature feature compares two probe ends. The other end is attached to a smartwatch temperature sensor.

The probe’s two ends produce a voltage delta that can be connected to temperature.

The tech giant may adopt Rockley Photonics’ sensor system for wearable gadgets, which includes a core body temperature sensor.

Apple had planned to add a body temperature measurement capability with the Apple Watch Series 7 models, but the firm cancelled the idea after the algorithm it had created failed to meet requirements before the device entered EVT last year.

Apple’s troubles with body temperature detection may be due to the fact that skin temperature varies frequently based on the surroundings. Since a smartwatch cannot monitor core body temperature using hardware, the feature relies on an accurate algorithm. This explains why the Apple’s Series 8 may have limited body temperature sensing.

Series 8 Watch Expectations

Apple Watch’s Series 8 will come Sept. 7 alongside iPhone 14 variants. The wearable will ship Sept. 16.

PhoneArena showed the Series 8’s new design.

Apple Watch Series 8 will have flat edges like most Apple products. Its screen is 5% larger than the Series 7’s.

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