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Apple Watch Pro cases hint at a flatter display design; new chassis?

Watch Pro

The “Apple Watch Series 8“, the second-generation Apple Watch SE, and the new “Pro” Apple Watch with greater durability are rumoured to be released this year.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman says the Apple Watch Pro will have a redesigned design based on the Series 4 form factor. Leaks from China offer us a better understanding of the robust gadget today. Pre-model.

The two photographs, tweeted by Sonny Dixon and UnclePan, show Apple Watch Pro accessories.

UnclePan says that “the Pro is not square in the classic sense, but a novel form factor,” and the cases imply that the main body of the device will be rounded and the top edge of the case corresponding to the display will be flat, possibly to provide superior all-round impact protection.

On the right are cutouts for the digital crown and side button, as well as larger-than-usual holes for the device’s two thin speaker bars. It’s unclear if these are for new speakers or physical buttons.

Apple Watch Pro Cases Suggest Flatter Display, New Chassis

According to Mac Rumors, early sightings of Apple Watch Pro companion covers show how it will look when it comes with the iPhone 14.

Apple will soon release new smartphones and smartwatches. Leaks and reports are growing everywhere. A leak from China shows the Pro variant’s design.

A Weibo tweet shows a supposed Apple’s Watch Pro accessory case.

Mac Rumors adds that Twitter leaker Sonny Dickson released a photo of a comparable case on Chinese social media.

UnclePan states in his Weibo post that the Apple’s Watch Pro has a new form factor.

The smartwatch’s casing is rounded, unlike the Series 7. When it meets the display, its top seems flatter.

Mac Rumors notes that the leaked covers have more cutouts on their sides than previous Apple Watch models.

Early peek at cases, supposedly for the upcoming Pro model, offers us a better understanding of the new Apple Watch alternative.

This is not the official look of the upcoming Apple product, so take it with a grain of salt.

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