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Apple Watch 8: Everything we need to know

Apple Watch 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 is on track for its regular fall release this year. It will likely primarily appeal to iPhone owners, but that won’t stop it from being the most popular smartwatch.

Leaks and rumours concerning the Apple Watch Series 8 date back to before the Apple Watch 7 launched last year.


Apple Watch Series 7 speculations suggested a squared-off design. Apple Watch Series 7 proved that wrong. The rumour may be true. ShrimpApplePro, a new but increasing leaker, said the Series 8 would have a flat display. With the iPhone having flat sides and the MacBook Air and Pro just joining them, it’s probable Apple considered doing the same for the Watch.

2022 may not see a flat Apple Watch. In August, ShrimpApplePro said the Series 8 “has no design improvements.” Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman confirms this in the August PowerOn newsletter.

“The ordinary Apple Watch Series 8 will add a body-temperature sensor but look like the previous iteration. Apple Watch Pro will have a titanium case, larger screen, and larger battery, Gurman stated.

Apple is also rumoured to be offering three Apple Watch sizes. It has 1.7- and 1.9-inch 41mm and 45mm Series 7 watches. Ross Young and Jeff Wu agree that the 47mm Series 8 watch will have a 2-inch display.

Price and availability

Series 8 Watch anticipated to cost same as Series 7. It’ll cost $399. Apple usually releases its Watch alongside the iPhone in September, so we expect this to launch then. Production may delay its release, but we expect an announcement in the fall.


The Apple Watch 7 has an 18-hour battery life, or two days if you don’t use many features. We hope the Apple Watch 8 improves on that, as charging a smartwatch every day to day and a half is annoying.

Bloomberg reporter and Apple tipster Mark Gurman says the Apple Watch 8 could have a low-power mode. This WatchOS 9 upgrade may be Apple Watch 8’s best feature.

Gurman didn’t go into depth, but he said the Apple Watch 8 might employ the S8 chip, which will have the same characteristics as the S7 chip. Knowing Apple, we expect hardware and software optimizations to boost power efficiency and battery life. We’ll get a “new” Apple Watch CPU next year.

Apple Watch 8 battery life should be two days.


While watchOS 9 will deliver new capabilities to current Apple Watch customers and Series 8 buyers, some may be exclusive. Gurman believes a blood pressure sensor and blood glucose sensor won’t arrive until 2025 or later.

We expect internal improvements that may improve performance and battery life, but there have been no direct disclosures.

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