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Home » Apple delayed Telegram emoji upgrade: here’s why

Apple delayed Telegram emoji upgrade: here’s why

Telegram animated emoji upgrade

On Thursday, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov said the Telegram Emoji upgrade has been in Apple’s app review for two weeks without explanation. Durov said Apple ordered the elimination of one emoji-related feature.

“After substantial media coverage of my earlier post, Apple demanded we scale down our future Telegram upgrade by eliminating Telemoji,” Durov said on Friday. Telemoji would have improved Apple’s ecosystem by adding a new dimension to its static low-resolution emoji.

Durov uploaded a short film using the Telemoji (and I generated a GIF). I think Telemoji are a lot of fun since they lend life to static emoji faces. Apple probably didn’t like Telegram changing its designs, so it asked the firm to remove Telemoji from the upgrade. Furthermore Apple and Telegram declined to comment.

Apple has accepted Telegram’s latest upgrade, but it doesn’t contain animated emoji. Neither Durov nor Apple commented on the omission. Durov said Telegram will make Telemoji more distinctive. These are Telegram premium emojis.

Earlier, Telegram’s CEO was critical. If Telegram is treated this way, imagine how little app developers feel. It’s demoralising and costs hundreds of thousands of mobile apps money.”

Google updated its Android and iPhone Photos app. Google Photos for iOS replaced “Archive” to “Hidden.” Users can conceal videos and photos with this tool. Tech giant adds to Android knowledge panel. Hidden photographs will be available in albums and search results, according to Alphabet.” Hidden folders are also in iPhone’s Library display.

Telegram Premium provides the option to upload and use custom emoji in chats, privacy settings for voice messages, the opportunity to gift a Telegram premium subscription, and more. Premium customers get 10 emoji packs totaling 500 emoji. More arrive.

Apple has disabled Telegram updates before. Almost two years ago, Apple prohibited Telegram from releasing a video chat encryption update. While the update was originally submitted to the App Store, Google approved it before Apple.

Telegram is in the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play Store.

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