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Android Phones may get Dynamic Island after iPhone14

Dynamic Island

Dynamic Island was a highlight of Apple’s iPhone 14 launch. iOS functionality camouflages Apple’s new pill-shaped camera housing with notifications, calls, timers, music, and more.

Dynamic Island could be imitated by Android makers, like many Apple features before it. Apple pinches Android features, but the reverse also happens. Mi Theme developer has already developed Dynamic Island for Android on a Xiaomi phone.

Vaibhav Jain of TechDroider spotted Dynamic Island-style notifications and a now playing area on Xiaomi’s MIUI. Grumpy UI is a Chinese-only theme. When the Island expands, the pin-hole selfie camera is hidden.

The Dynamic Island update is still being reviewed, Jain was told. If Xiaomi approves the theme, it’ll be on MIUI Themes.

Do Android Phone will get a feature like Dynamic Island?

In 2023, some Android phones may have a Dynamic Island-like feature, but we expect them to come from Honor, Oppo, Vivo, and/or Xiaomi. Chinese manufacturers have always wanted to copy iPhone features and design, so Dynamic Island wouldn’t be a surprise.

Dynamic Island interfaces may not catch on in Android. We don’t know if Android manufacturers will stack front-facing sensors for facial recognition or other uses to justify pill space. Many R&D departments consider it a design regression that causes its own issues. As many Dynamic Island operations require tapping on the cutout, your camera will be smeared 99% of the time.

So where do R&D monies go? Well, portless phones have been a pipe dream. The focus is on eliminating the necessity for a hole. Many gadgets like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 have under-display cameras. Moreover the more pixels (LEDs) covering the camera, the harder it will be to capture a clean picture; the fewer pixels, the more noticeable the circular region on the screen. UDC issues should be fixed by industry willpower. Even Apple may move in that approach.

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