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Home ยป Along with Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch, Google will unveil smart home devices.

Along with Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch, Google will unveil smart home devices.

Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch

Google Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch will launch on October 6, with Google saying we’ll see both devices in full. Google announced it will introduce more Nest-branded smart devices. The big reveal will include smart home gear.

“We’ll also reveal Nest smart home portfolio additions,” the company blog says. We won’t know what to expect from Google until the show next month. Google said in a blog post, “All the devices will be shoppable the same day at or in our New York City stores.”

The design of the new items hasn’t been a mystery for long; Google’s online store describes the Pixel 7 flagships’ primary characteristics. Both models will use the company’s next-generation Tensor G2 processor.

More technical details are unclear, but it’s still early. Just before yesterday, a video unboxing the Pixel 7 Pro in glossy black appeared online. The device’s back panel has a beautiful aluminum inlay with two holes for the main cameras and auxiliary sensors. In May, a Pixel 7 prototype appeared on eBay, and a Reddit user said he bought a 7 Pro prototype on Facebook Marketplace.

As for the Pixel Watch smartwatch, which has been discussed for years, a prototype was left in a restaurant in April, revealing its design. The Pixel Watch is the first smartwatch created by Google from the inside out.

In the announcement teaser film, you can also see Pixel Buds Pro TWS headphones. Google’s Pixel Tablet won’t be released until 2023, following an 8-year delay. On October 6, we may discover more about Google’s AR glasses with real-time translation or other surprises.

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