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Ad-supported Netflix could cost $7 to $9 per month.

Ad-supported Netflix

Netflix is finalising a cheaper ad-supported plan to entice new and retain existing users. Bloomberg reports that this new membership option might cost half of the normal $15.49 monthly subscription.

Netflix is reportedly considering a $7-$9 monthly fee for its ad-supported tier. The reduced monthly subscription apparently includes four minutes of ads every hour. Netflix will apparently show ads before and during some shows and movies, but not at the end.

Bloomberg reports that the streamer wants to strike smaller deals with advertising to avoid overwhelming audiences. It also doesn’t want to go heavy on targeted advertising, and most viewers should see the same ad. As announced, Microsoft will control platform ads.

When will Netflix have ads? According to the article, the business wants to launch a reduced subscription pricing this fall. Six Netflix markets should offer the new plan. Next year is the full rollout.

Bloomberg reported this week that Netflix may not advertise kids’ content, even on the ad-supported plan. The article said the corporation may not advertise its own movies initially.

The streaming behemoth has explored cheaper deals including mobile-only subscriptions in India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. After debut, the ad-supported plan might be global. Netflix commercials might generate $8.5 billion by 2027. The global ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) market will reach $70 billion by 2027, with the U.S. contributing $31 billion.

The new ad plan arrives at a turbulent time. Three months after April’s subscriber decline, Netflix reported another. Netflix hiked rates across all US plans in January — its third price boost in recent years — and is investigating strategies to turn password-sharing viewers into paying subscribers. Disney Plus, whose ad-supported plan launches in December, and HBO Max, which introduced a $10 ad-supported package in June 2021, are competitors.

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