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A 1080p Google TV Chromecast launch maybe near


The Chromecast with Google TV arrived over two years ago, and it seems the second step is imminent. Pricing for the low-end Chromecast with Google TV, informally called the “HD” model, has hinted at.

We first announced a new Chromecast featuring Google TV in January.

This was shortly confirmed as a “low-end” device targeting at HD TVs rather than 4K versions. The old model’s packaging has “4K” to identify it from the upcoming HD variant.

In June, a device matching the “Chromecast with Google TV HD” description passed the FCC.

The publication said the new device will cost €40 ($40). The current 4K model in Europe costs €70 ($69).

A cheaper Chromecast for Google TV isn’t new. Protocol claimed in January that this device would be 1080p and cost $29.99-$39.99. The magazine said the device would support AV1 codec, allowing for the same streaming video quality at decreased bandwidth or greater quality for the same bandwidth.

A separate microSD card port would make storage expansion easier than the existing system (using a USB-C hub).

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